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Rock Salt

Rock Salt

All about Rock Salt

Quick-acting de-icing white rock salt - ideal for quickly clearing ice and snow. Alternatively rock salt can be used as a precautionary measure to prevent ice from forming.

We believe in only selling the best

This is one of the highest quality de-icing salts available: unlike brown rock salt which is often mixed with other materials, this pure white rock salt leaves very little residue.

It is suitable for use both outside the home and commercial premises and is easy to spread using a shovel or spreader. 

It’s never too early to stock up!

Rock salt is a product that can be required unexpectedly – it’s better to be safe than sorry so stock up, whatever the weather, and be prepared when temperatures drop.

Our white rock salt is supplied in pre pack or bulk bags, from 250kg to 1000kg full pallets. Regardless of how much you order, delivery is always included.

Need advice?

If you have questions about our rock salt or any other products available at Decorative Gardens we are here to help, 7 days a week. Just give us a call on 0114 437 2145 or drop us an email at sales@decorativegardens.co.uk.