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Sandstone Patio Paving  Kits

Sandstone Patio Paving Kits

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All about Sandstone Patio Paving Kits

Naturally beautiful sandstone paving in simple to lay packs: a fantastic choice if you’re looking to create an elegant yet durable patio or paving area.

As a 100% natural product each slab is unique and will vary in shade, markings, and texture. It’s these unique characteristics and the distinct tapestry they create when laid together that makes sandstone such a popular choice for patio paving.

Although exact tones will vary, we offer our sandstone paving packs in four stunning and complementary shades: two in a golden-sandy colour, and two variants of grey.

Not sure which kit to order? Although we’re confident that whichever colour or type of sandstone you choose, you will love the final result, we’re always happy to help you decide. Just give our lovely team a call on 0114 437 2145 and we’ll talk you through the options or answer any questions you may have.