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Paving Paving Supplies

We supply attractive, hard wearing paving for your every need and style preferences enabling you to create beautiful paths through your garden landscape. We have a wide range of high quality products available including easy to use paving kits, block paving, cobble mats, edging and perfect paving accessories.

If you are looking for high-quality yet cheap paving slabs for your garden, you’ve come to the right place. Paving is one of the most important aspects of creating a varied and beautiful outdoor space and can be used to create pathways and patios or to make attractive borders and edging around a range of areas.

Paving can take on many forms and has the potential to completely transform your garden. Whether you are a fan of traditional patios, or you prefer the clean lines of contemporary outdoor spaces, there are a variety of natural stones you can choose from that are ideal for this type of purpose.

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All about Paving

One of the most popular types of paving stone is sandstone. This light beige or grey stone has a naturally rough surface, making it ideal for adding texture and depth to outdoor spaces. Sandstone’s soft look fits well into traditional gardens, but it can also add character to more minimalistic design styles. Each slab of sandstone is unique, so if you’re looking to add a variety of shapes, textures and colours to your paved areas, this beautiful slab is ideal.

Another popular paving slab we sell here is slate. This naturally dark-grey stone is perfect for creating dramatic contrasts with garden foliage and is especially effective at retaining warmth. We stock slate slabs in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for paving anything from a small chill-out area to a large entertaining space.

Porcelain is a luxurious, slick paving stone that is best suited to contemporary, minimalist spaces. Available in light grey, cream or a variety of darker hues, this natural stone is easy to lay due to its regular shape and clean lines and performs exceptionally well under the stresses of weather, moisture and impact.

Edging stones, blocks and mats

We also stock a variety of smaller paving stones and block paving types, which are ideal for more intimate outdoor spaces. You can choose to get creative with our variety of block paving stones or can create a mosaic effect across your garden by purchasing easy to lay cobble mat sets. If you’re looking to create one-off, stunning designs, how about choosing one of our patio paving kits? These will enable you to lay beautiful and eye-catching circles and octagons within your outdoor areas. We stock an extensive range of circle and octagon kits to help you build and incorporate unique and stunning designs into your garden.

Finally, find all your paving accessories here. Everything you need from cement to slab-laying tools can be found on our online paving stone store. Search here for all your paving UK needs – from one of the country’s leading suppliers of paving slabs.