Links Policy

Our Links Policy...

While every effort is made to check the content and accuracy of the websites we link to, Decorative Gardens can take no responsibility for information contained on websites maintained by other organisations or for action taken as a result of information contained on websites maintained by other organisations.

Although we try to keep these up to date we cannot guarantee that these links will work all the time, and we have no control over the linked pages.

Making a link to us or supporting our campaigns
If your content is related to our services or you wish to highlight our information or campaigns please feel free to link to our website.

Requesting a Decorative Gardens link to your website -
Please let us know if you wish us to link to your website by emailing us.

Please note that each requested outbound link will be assessed for appropriateness for inclusion and will be included at our discretion. The only guarantee when submitting a link is that it will be assessed. When emailing us please detail what your site offers to help us put your link into the appropriate category.

Decorative Gardens prefers to share links with organisations & companies whose aims and activities are similar to our own. If we accept your request, your link will appear in the category most relevant to your site content.

Reporting broken links
To report a broken link on this website, please email us details of the web page containing the broken link together with the web address you were unable to access.

You may not frame our website without prior written consent.