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 Slate Chippings

Slate Chippings

All about Slate Chippings

Our slate chippings are available in a variety of naturally occurring colours and shades that are truly eye-catching– the perfect way to make a statement with your garden, paths, driveway, or borders.

Our slate chips can also be used as a decorative feature in plant pots (whilst offering the benefits of aiding water retention and discouraging weed growth) – the natural shades of the chippings look stunning when bordering plants and flowers of all colours.

They can even be placed in water and are 100% fish friendly, making them ideal for adding the finishing touch to your pond or water features.

Not sure which colour slate chippings to choose? Our friendly team are happy to advise: just give us a call on 0114 437 2145. Alternatively, all our aggregates are available in sample sizes, priced at just £3.99 (delivery included).

Please note: all of our aggregates are formed from natural materials and will change colour when wet. The sizes quoted above are the grading size of the screen that the pebbles pass through. As a result the actual size of the slate can be larger.