Nexus ProJoint V400 Black

Nexus ProJoint V400 Black

Nexus ProJoint V35 Mid Grey

Nexus ProJoint V35 Mid Grey

Nexus ProJoint V35 Neutral

Nexus ProJoint V35.

  • 3-Part joint fill kit.
  • Neutral colourway.
  • 26kg pack.
  • Coverage example: 45m2, based on 600x600mm paving with 5x25mm joint spacing.
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    Color Neutral
    Size 26kg
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More Information
Color Neutral
Size 26kg


Nexus ProJoint V35-UV Neutral is a 2-part kit that comes with the coloured sand and pour-in resin. This particular compound is formulated especially for sensitive or more expensive natural stone.

How to use

To apply, first ensure the paved area is wet then add the sand and resin to a suitable mixing bucket. Mix together for around three minutes using a plasterers' whisk. Once mixed spread out evenly on paved area using a brush or squeegee. Sweep off excess using a soft brush. Point up using a builders trowel, if required. Protect from rain until fully cured. Cure times vary but can generally be walked on after 12 hours and can take vehicular traffic after 24 hours.

Additional Information

This hardwearing jointing compound can take weights of up to 3.5 tonnes. Supplied in 26kg kits.

More Information
Color Neutral
Size 26kg
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