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All about Turf

A lush, green lawn is quintessential of a traditional British garden. However at Decorative Gardens we understand that maintaining a perfect lawn can be a daunting project and so we provide durable, attractive and hard wearing turf that is low maintenance and easy to keep looking at its best.

Our turf rolls are formed of the highest quality grasses to guarantee results you’ll love. However please remember that this is a fresh, live product – you should be ready to lay your new lawn on the day of delivery or the grass may perish.

If laying is delayed, you can help extend the life of the turf by opening and watering the rolls.

All our lawn turf is supplied in ready to lay rolls, meaning that transforming your lawn couldn’t be easier!

Before delivery

To prepare for delivery of your turf rolls, you should prepare the soil by:

  • Skimming off the old grass
  • Removing weeds and any big stones
  • Level the soil and fill any holes
  • Fork over the soil and level again with a rake
  • Walk over the soil to firm it, using your heels for additional weight
  • Rake again
  • Apply a granular fertiliser using a rake to mix into the soil
  • Water well

Have questions? Just give our team a call on 0114 437 2145 and we will be happy to answer your queries.