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Winter Fuel

Winter Fuel

All about Winter Fuel

A selection of natural products for all your winter fuel needs including real firewood logs, kindling, traditional coal, and smokeless coal: perfect for warming up your home on a crisp winter’s evening.

Firewood Logs

We only sell seasoned hardwood – this means our firewood is cut when the weather is warm and dry. The logs are then dried slowly over several months.

Freshly cut logs can contain up to 50% moisture while our seasoned logs contain around 25% moisture. This means your firewood will heat up faster and last much longer than logs which have been freshly cut.

Note: firewood logs should not be used in Smoke Control areas.


We sell both traditional household and smokeless coal.

If you live in a Smoke Control area you must ensure that no smoke escapes from your chimneys – this means that if you wish to burn fuels in a fireplace, you must use smokeless coal. 

Not only does smokeless coal produce 80% less smoke than traditional coal, it lasts longer, provides more heat, and produces 25% less CO2 than traditional coals.

If you do not live in a Smoke Control area you may wish to use traditional, household coals. Household coals are easier to light and reach a high heat more quickly than smokeless coals. They also burn with a stronger flame, which is often aesthetically preferred.

Not sure which of our winter fuel supplies best fits your needs? We’re always happy to answer any queries you may have. Just give us a call on 0114 437 2145 or send your question in an email to sales@decorativegardens.co.uk.