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Whatever the weather, children's play sand is a great way of keeping little ones amused and allowing their imaginations to run free. You can bring the beach to your own outside space - or even inside - thanks to the wide range of play pit sand available to order from Decorative Gardens today.

Enjoy fast, no-fuss play sand delivery to your door and have confidence that every grain will be of the highest possible quality. We only stock products that we would use ourselves and so you can be assured that both you and your children will be happy with whatever type of kids play sand you choose from our range.

Select from a great variety of different colours or stick with natural-looking play sand for a more traditional beach-like effect. We also stock a range of specialist sands that grown-ups can enjoy, including golf bunker and beach volleyball sand.

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All about Play & Sport Surfaces

When creating a safe, outdoor play area for children, the play area surface is of utmost important.

Kids will be kids and the occasional accident in playgrounds and play areas is unavoidable. What you can do, is reduce the severity of accidents by installing a cushioned surface.

Cushioned playground surfaces absorb the shock of a fall and drastically reduce the severity of falls and any resulting injuries.  

At Decorative Gardens we supply a range of cost-effective products suited to cushioning falls in playgrounds and other play areas including sand, play bark and rubber chippings.

Where to place cushioned surfacing

Cushioned surfaces should be placed wherever there is a ‘fall zone’; i.e. underneath equipment from which a child could potentially fall. Standard recommendations advise covering no less than 6 feet of the full diameter of the fall zone with a cushioned surface.

Tall equipment such as slides and swings require additional cushioning. For slides, add 4’ of cushioning onto the height of the slide. For example, cushioning for a 10’ slide should extend to 14’.

For swings, the cushioning should extend to twice the height of the swing.

Almost every child loves playing in the sand and the Decorative Gardens' range of kids play sand offers a quick and easy means of play sand delivery that can allow your little ones to start having fun in no time at all.

Choose your child’s favourite coloured sand or go for a selection. All of our vibrant coloured children's play sand is guaranteed 100 per cent safe and non-toxic and is available in a range of different sizes to suit your individual needs.

We also offer other ways of providing safe play areas for your youngsters, ranging from rubber play area chippings and play bark, to softwood and hardwood play chippings. We want people of all ages to enjoy spending time outside and are committed to providing the highest quality play surfaces and play sand to achieve this aim.

Click on the play sand, chippings or bark you are interested in to find out more about the individual products and volumes that we stock but, remember, we are always on hand to answer any specific questions you may have.

Need more advice on selecting a suitable play area surface? Just give our team a call on 0114 437 2145 or send your question in an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.