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Dinova Garden Art

Dinova Garden Art

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Dinova is one of the leading suppliers of garden features the UK. The Dinova name is synonymous with quality, style, originality and customer service. We are proud to supply a large range of Dinova products on our website, all at the best prices.

Combining contemporary quality and manufacturing systems with traditional artisan techniques, our Dinova Garden Art Range starts by commissioning original designs from specialist sculptors - working in traditional stone and, more recently, in high quality workable polymer clays. From the original piece, a mould in modern silicone rubber is carefully produced to faithfully replicate the original design of the artist. Hand Cast into the mould are a variety of high quality, durable non-halogenated polyester resins mixed with marble dust resulting in a beautiful terrazzo marble effect. Each piece is then carefully hand finished to produce a beautiful finished article that will grace any garden or outdoor space.