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Ways to Break Up Your Garden Space Into Specific Zones and Areas

Breaking your garden up into specific zones and areas, each with their own function can be a great way to make more of your garden space. It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is, this trick works for all of them. It’ll make your garden feel more purposeful and you’ll most likely find that you’ll end up spending more time out there and using the space if you do this.


Plan, Plan, Plan


If you want to plan out your garden and split it up into various different sections, you can’t overlook the importance of good planning. It’ll make your life a lot easier if you plan things out in detail. You can’t just jump into a garden project like this and expect things to fall into place for you because it rarely happens without good planning and careful thought.


Make Use of Low Hedges


Low hedges work really well when you’re trying to break up spaces in a natural and organic way. They act as small barriers but they’ll be low enough not to overwhelm the space or block out any light. It’s just about making it clear where one zone of the garden ends and where the next one begins. Those low hedges might be just what you’re looking for in a situation like yours.


Create a Common Sense Dining Space


One of the zones in your garden should be dedicated to socialising and dining with family and friends. This is the space where the adults can spend time while the kids play in the other areas of the garden nearby. It’s where you’ll probably spend a lot of your time in the summer months, so you need to put lots of effort into planning it out correctly. Make it a common sense space that works for you.


Use Simple Gravel Paths to Connect Spaces in Your Garden


Connecting the various spaces and zones in your garden is something that’ll you’ll have it think about as well. You might just want to add some flagstones to to create various paths, but you could also use gravel or Kelkay cobbles, which you can find here. It’s a unique way to create connecting pathways in your garden space, so don’t rule it out.


Trellis and Screens


A trellis or garden screen can also work well when you’re looking to break up spaces and seperate zones of your garden. These are usually made out of wood and you might be able to use them to good affect because they can also add privacy to your garden, which is something you might also need. They shouldn’t be overused but they can be great in some circumstances.


Having specific zones in your garden that can be used for different purposes and functions can really improve your space and make it easier to manage. The whole garden will be more coherent and you’ll be able to use it for the various different things you want to use it for.