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Tips For Bringing The Mediterranean To Your Garden

Your garden is more than an outdoor extension of the home. It’s an opportunity to create a haven that feels separate from the rest of the world and it might even be able to transport you somewhere else. Here, we’re going to look at how your garden can transport you to the Mediterranean with a thorough rethinking of how you use the space.

Choose the right plants

To really set the mood for a Mediterranean garden, you first have to start off with the right choice of plants. However, you have to ensure that any you choose are suitable for your climate. For both points, succulents and cacti are the perfect choices.  Olive trees are a great choice, too, as frost-hardy as they are, and they’re easy to keep in large pots. Let’s not forget the joy of savouring your own olives, too.

Keep landscaping warm and natural looking

You don’t have to import your stone if you want to complete the Mediterranean look, either. The first step is to try and use natural materials as much as possible. Metal is rarely used in Mediterranean gardens because it gets too hot but also it just clashes with the aesthetic. Caramel cream is a great colour to use in your bordering and landscaping with gravel like Caramel Cream  fitting perfectly. Natural stone border walls and pathways can help complete the image, as well.

Make the best use of the sun

When you think of the Mediterranean, you don’t think of gloomy, rainy days. Your garden always shines best when the sun is out, but when you’re aiming for a Mediterranean theme, you have to try and maximise that appeal. Thoughtful placement of the seating area is crucial, so measure how much exposure to the sun different spots of the garden get throughout the day. Placing lamps around the most visually appealing areas can help you extend the light you get as well, so even when it starts to get darker, your garden still maintains the vibe of a lingering, lazy Mediterranean sunset.

Achieve the rustic vibe in your seating area

When it comes to the seating area, wooden furniture is always best. As said, metal clashes with the Mediterranean aesthetic and keeping your materials consistently natural makes it all feel a lot cosier. Look for Mediterranean themes and patterns for your cushions and upholstery, as well. Bring a few smaller potted cacti closer to the seating area to better integrate the theme into the seating area, rather than keeping yourself removed from it, as well. Evocative herbs like oregano and jasmine can infuse the whole scene with a new sensory layer on warm days, and make outdoor dining much more of a joy.

The tips above can help transform the look and feel of your garden so you might suddenly feel like you’re on the southern coast of France or enjoying your sunnier days in a Spanish villa. There’s no shortage of far-off inspiration you can use in garden décor, so where would you like to go next?