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ow to Achieve a Good Balance of Textures & Materials in Your Garden

One of the things that often gets overlooked when you’re putting together a garden design is texture. There lots of textures you can add to a garden, and getting the balance right is not as obvious or as easy as you might imagine. It doesn’t have to be too complicated though; a few simple changes it all it will take to achieve a better balance of textures in your garden.


Plan Out the Foliage


Planning out the foliage in your garden is certainly worthwhile. As well as lots of flowers, you need shrubs and hedges that can add greenery to your garden space. If you haven’t got much of that in place at the moment, you should definitely change that. More foliage will add depth and texture to any garden, and that’ll certainly be true for yours.


Rethink Your Flower Beds


Your flower beds are there to make your garden feel colourful and full of life, if they’re not achieving those two things right now, there’s probably more you can do to create better flower beds. By rethinking them, you’ll have the chance to make them more coherent and colourful, bringing those beautiful natural texture to your garden once more. You can create various flower beds, each with different themes.


Use a Wooden Pergola and Add Fabrics for Colour


A wooden pergola could be a great thing for your outdoor dining space. You can assemble your garden table and chair beneath it and then drape over some fabrics that add colour, a little protection and lots of vibrancy to the space. The fabrics can be emi-transparent to block harsh light but never block out the summer sun completely. An idea like this adds lots of new textures to a space and provides you with much-needed functionality.


Use a Gravel Path


A gravel path can really add something new in terms of texture to your garden. You don’t have to use small gravel either. Find cobbles and stones from Kelkay that can do the job and make the garden look great. You can buy them here. The path should be easy to walk on but also aesthetically pleasing.


Fit a Water Fountain


A water fountain could be exactly what you need in your garden space. If you haven’t got one in place already, you will definitely add something new to your garden by installing one. It offers peace and tranquility, offering a focal point for your garden at the same time. If you haven’t added one already, now is definitely a good time to think about it. Consult an expert if you’re not sure how to do it.


There are so many different textures and materials that you can put to use in your garden, so have a think about how you can combine and balance these for the best outcomes. The ideas above will help you to do that, but each garden is unique so make your own decisions.