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Garden Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Renovating Your Outdoor Space

We all make mistakes, but you want to avoid them when you're working on your garden. There are lots of things that can go wrong and they’ll make your task even more daunting than it already is. We’re going to talk about some of the most common mistakes people make when renovating their garden and why you need to avoid them when you’re carrying out this work.


Having Unrealistic Expectations


If you have expectations that are far too unrealistic, it’s only going to hurt you going forward. Sure, you can do great things with your garden but you’re also going to be limited to the size of your garden and the budget you have for renovating it. Your plans should always factor in those two things because you’ll cause yourself problems otherwise. Try not to let your expectations run away from you.


Cutting the Lawn Too Short


Cutting the lawn too short might seem like a small thing but it can permanently damage one of the most integral parts of your garden space if you’re not careful. You obviously don’t want that to happen, so try to make sure that you cut the lawn to the right length and don’t be tempted to create a bowling green-style lawn because it will probably backfire on you.


Inadequate Weeding


Weeding is all about getting rid of the weeds and unwanted plants that are thriving in your flower beds and garden. If you simply pull them out and leave it at that, they’ll be back in no time at all. It makes your life more difficult and can really disrupt your plans when you’re looking to properly renovate your garden. So take a root and branch approach; remove those weeds once and for all.


Planting the Wrong Plants for Your Garden and Climate


Your location and the position of your garden should dictate what gets planted in it. Too many people simply buy the plants that they like the look of and that they think will look great in their garden. However, if those plants aren’t suitable for your garden, they’re obviously not going to thrive and they’ll probably just die off pretty quickly. So plan the plants that are right for your garden.


Missing the Finishing Touches


It’s vital to come up with the finishing touches that bring your garden together. If you do the gardening basics and then just stop there, your garden won’t feel at all complete or coherent and that’s obviously not great for what you’re trying to achieve. So don’t miss out on those final touches that’ll bring it all together. You could add some new pebbles to a water feature, for example. Kelkay cobbles are ideal for that; find that here .


Gardening and garden design aren’t easy. There are lots of things that can go wrong and mistakes that can be made along the way, but now you know more about some of those common mistakes, you’ll know to avoid them. So keep these things in mind next time you’re making changes to your garden.