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Garden Lawn Options You Should Consider

Garden lawns are there for you and your family to use. But they’re also a key part of the overall aesthetic of your garden. So what should you do with yours? In truth there are many ways to answer that question, and that’s what we’re going to discuss and delve into today. All of the information you can find is listed below, and it should help you decide what you want to do with your lawn next.


Adjust to the Right Mower Height


If you want to keep your lawn healthy at all times, one of the things you definitely need to do is think about how you go about mowing it. If you take the wrong approach, you will only end up damaging your lawn and causing yourself more problems than you really need to. So start by adjusting your mower height because if you cut it too short, it will not look healthy and won’t thrive.


Cut the Grass When It’s Dry


You should also always remember to cut the grass when it’s dry. This might sound like a common sense piece of advice but too many people cut their grass when it’s moist and that does no good to the long-term condition of the grass or how it’ll look afterwards. You can water the grass afterwards if you feel that it needs it, but don’t do that beforehand.


Surround it with Flower Beds


If you think that your lawn looks a little plain and boring, one of the things you can do to combat that is surround the lawn with attractive flower beds filled with beautiful plants and flowers. It’s the perfect way to add more life to your garden, and it will improve the overall visual appeal of the space as well. You can then use cobbles and pebbles to fill in other areas. You can find Kelkay products here.


Plant Resilient Ornamental Grasses


If you don’t want to use a conventional patch of lawn like most suburban back gardens have, you can always choose something that’s a little bit more low maintenance. For example, you might want it use ornamental grasses. These are resilient in warm and dry climates and demand very little in terms of care and maintenance. That’s why many people use them as a substitute for a regular lawn.


Use Artificial Turf


Artificial turf is also worth considering if you like the look and style of a lawn in your back garden but don’t want to have to mow it all of the time. Artificial grass obviously doesn’t grow, so you really don't have to do anything with it once it’s in place.


As you now know, there are many options when it comes to your lawn. There are ways to keep it green and healthy, and ways to minimise the time and effort that has to go into looking after it. It’s entirely up to you which approach you take, but it’s definitely worth giving this topic some thought.