Scottish Pebbles and Scottish Cobbles

Scottish Cobbles Scottish Pebbles and Scottish Cobbles

Scottish cobbles and pebbles come in a beautiful blend of earthy and natural tones, making them ideal for introducing an organic, decorative element to any patio, garden or driveway. The smooth, round appearance of the cobbles evokes a walk along the Great British coastline. Perfect for adding interest to wet areas such as ponds, streams or water features, these stones will glisten brightly when exposed to water, revealing a natural marbleization in their surface with ripples of pinks and greys. Each cobble displays its own unique pattern and when combined together will create a truly stunning effect.

Whether you're looking to buy Scottish cobbles for use on flowerbeds, as a decorative border, or to line a tranquil pond, these decorative stones will bring instant texture and variation to the back garden. So why not browse our extensive selection of great value bulk bag Scottish cobbles and pebbles below and find the perfect products for your outside space.

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All about Scottish Cobbles

Transform your garden, paths, borders, and water features with these stunning, and completely natural, Scottish pebbles and cobbles.

Sourced from the shores of Scotland, it’s the diverse shapes, colours and textures of these beautiful stones that ensure they are always a popular choice with homeowners and landscapers alike.


Although our Scottish cobbles will enhance any outside space, they look particularly stunning as part of a Mediterranean, Oriental, or Alpine style garden, and as they’re fish friendly too, are perfect for use in ponds and water features.

As with all natural products, their colours, size, and shape vary, however expect to see primarily shades of beige, white, and pink: ideal for adding contrast and colour to your garden.


Smaller in size than our cobbles, our premium Scottish pebbles are also more diverse in appearance: expect to find shades of beige, black, orange, pink, and white. The smaller surface area makes them ideal for use on driveways, paths, and patios, and can also be used as a finishing touch to plant pots.

As with our Scottish cobbles, our pebbles are fish friendly and suited to use in both ponds and water features too.


Scottish cobbles and pebbles are great for installing low-maintenance decorative areas in the garden. The large pebbles and cobblestones can line flower beds and create a distinctive, natural border on top of soil or mulch, which won’t need trimming or regular pressure-washing to maintain its pristine look.


Creating layers within the garden is easy with our fine selection of cobbles and pebbles, which provide a contrast of colour and texture against lush greenery or vibrant flowers, adding that perfect finishing touch.


For uses on driveways or garden paths, our smallest Scottish pebbles would create a stylish and practical walkway that feels comfortable underfoot.


The natural shape of Scottish cobbles allows for greater gaps between the stones, which means that rainwater drains away more easily than with traditional paving. This also makes them ideal for use as decorative borders, or when placed on top of flower beds or potted plants, as the soil below is able to retain more moisture throughout the summer.