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All about Rockincolour

Create your own bespoke system of colour with RockinColour’s fantastic selection of coloured stone. Choose from a vibrant range of colours to add some serious colour to your garden/landscape project.

RockinColour™ is a colour coated stone, ideal for decorative features, plant pot topping and as a colourful background when laid with plants. The rock is quarried and coloured in Northern Ireland. The gravel is coloured using the latest specially developed colouring process using a strong and durable polyduralene process

RockinColour™ is not suitable for drive ways or any other trafficked areas. If you use RockinColour™ for path ways, expect a higher level of wear and more frequent topping up. Due to the nature of the RockinColour™ product, a small amount of colour fade and stone chipping is to be expected over time, and the product may need topped up to refresh display.

Not sure what you need or which colour to choose? Our friendly team are happy to advise: just give us a call on 0114 437 2145, or order a sample and try the products out for yourself (just £3.99, delivery included).