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From limestone to granite and gritstone to slate, our rockery stones come in an array of beautiful materials and colours sourced from across the UK. Ideal for both decorative and practical garden design, you'll find blues, plums and greens alongside earthy Cotswold stones, Highland grey rockery and Arctic white marble boulders.

As rockery stone suppliers, we want you to be able to build a fantastic space to display plants and watch them thrive. With clever design tactics, you can build a rockery that works for both sun-loving plants and shade-happy ones too.

With our selection of high-quality rockery rocks for sale, you can add dimension, texture and depth to your outdoor projects and create the perfect habitat for Alpine plants, small shrubs and perennials. Rock gardens are low maintenance in upkeep but high on impact and can be built in even the smallest of spaces. With our collection of rockery stones, you can build everything from water features to ponds and Mediterranean dry rock gardens to desert-inspired gardens filled with cacti.

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All about Rockery Stone

At Decorative Gardens our rockery stone products are individually selected from many different regions across the UK resulting in a diverse range of styles, colours and shapes to choose from.

Popular with homeowners and landscapers alike, these stunning stones are ideal as centre pieces for a rockery, or to border a pond or water feature, and will perfectly compliment both naturally and contemporary styled gardens.

Not just a decorative feature, these rocks can also be utilised to create diverse habitats within a compact space – when positioned correctly, rockery stones can enable to you to grow varied species of plants, requiring both shaded and sunny locations, in the same area.

Please note: most, but not all, of our rockery stones are fish friendly, however please check the individual product descriptions before choosing a rock or stone for use around ponds or similar features.

Looking for design ideas when you buy rockery stone? Our Norweigan granite boulders, Black Mountain rockery and Forest Green granite will help you mimic the look and conditions of rocky mountain slopes. With Cotswold rockery, Welsh slate and Red Lake rockery, you can build a natural and rustic-looking habitat. Or, for a contemporary and cool look, try Caledonian rockery, Plum slate and Precious Jade rockery.

Pair larger stones with smaller aggregates to create an authentic design and choose a spot in your garden away from trees to maximise the light. Larger rocks should form the foundations of your rockery slope to stabilise the soil. Smaller rocks and topsoil can then be used to create striking tiers that will set everything in place. Our rockery stones are multipurpose; they create pockets for your plants, supply a cool habitat for the roots of your plants and offer much-needed moisture retention.

Try silver veined plants and the vibrant blue flowers of Gentiana Verna against lighter shades of rockery stones or opt for sempervivum succulents, evergreen and trailing bellflowers against earthy coloured stones for a wildflower look. Colour themes and design are almost endless when it comes to rockeries and they are ideal for attracting wildlife.